Saturday, April 28, 2012

Truth orchistrates some yurting.

Oh boy, what a day. 

A couple months ago.. I think...  I was invited to a yurting event.  A couple of SCA people wanted to build a yurt like ours.  Truth arranged a whole lot of labor, a massive dose of food, and a nice garage to work in. 

The weather mostly cooperated.  It only sprinkled a little.  We did most of the slat cutting... I say we.  I think I cut six.  I think everyone there today cut a few.  With the lady of the tent doing most of them!  Yey, women and power tools!  (Truth has been giving herself a power tool education in the last couple months as well, as is evidenced by her yurt experiment in the previous post)

Here are a few belgarthian people cutting the last few slats for the SCA folk.  You can see the frame of Yurt 1 in the background, and the stained roof parts of this yurt, and Truths yurt on the floor. 

You're looking at a pile of roughly 60 slats.  All around 3/8" thick.  Yurt 1 has shown some durability issues.  It's one of those things where the structure is plenty strong for being a tent, but transport and setup is making it's life hard. 

The Lady of the yurt did a lot of the drilling for slats.  But just about everyone lent a hand.  I'm proud of everyone, they all did a great job. 


Yeah, we're all high tech in this joint.  We use frikkin lazors to make our yurts.  Seriously though, that's a neat drill press. 

I didn't get any shots of the initial wall fabrication.  But here's a Ginger and a Jesus Impersonator working on building the wall.  The wall on this yurt is going to be 22 bays wide.  And they're working on bays 16 or 17 here.

And here we go, all 22 bays in place.  Held just about in the position they will be when the yurt is complete. 

So what's different?  Well Truth gave a 18" versus 12" screw spacing a shot.   And it looks good.  With fewer slats, we can use thicker slats without a weight penalty.  Thicker slats are less likely to crack in half.  I think it's a step in the right direction.

There are some other thoughts on roof setup, but those will wait for another time.  The crew really did an excellent job today.   Sadly I had to take off before everything was done.  When I left they were in the process of staining the wall.  It was looking mighty fine as I pulled away.

As always, there's more to come.

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