Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting our stitch on.

Well, this time we weren't going to run out of time.  I have some confidence in my ability to sew...  only some.  and this was a massive project. 

We did do some halfassery on this.  We didn't draw lines to stitch along, and we didn't have a place to set this all up on a level surface.  Then again, who does have that kind of space?  (I am coming up with real answers right now, and I don't want to think about it any further)

This is the look of "this can't possibly work"

Laying out the panels helped with the whole confidence thing.  Here's 4 of the sections laid out.  There was essentially no wind, so working on this was actually fairly pleasant. 
Then came the pinning.
I pinned a 3/4" seam along all the "top" edges.  Actually "one tape measure width" but don't tell anyone I did that.
Then we did the overlap, and pinned in the other direction.  Removing most of the vertical pins.  ....  We were supposed to remove ALL of the pins.  But when you're putting 300 pin in something, your'e going to miss a few.
Truth got rather fast as this as the day went on.  I think we spent 3/4 of our time working on the cover pinning things up.  We pinned 4 pairs of panels togother before we went inside to do some sewing.  If I were to do this again, I'd have things setup so I could just add one panel at a time onto the tent untill it was the proper size.  Making pairs then join the pairs into a roof was not the optimal way of doing it.  
 Before I became the human pincushion... 
I was feeding an 8' long seam filled with pins under my arm.  As you can see the "rest" of the tent had to be rolled up to fit through the sewing machine.  Technically this is a sailmakers machine, I wonder how you run a complete sail though there.
Till next time....  When there will be a fully dressed yurt.  Erect and clothed as it were. 

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