Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A yard of fabric. Just one.

Memorial day was a busy day.  For the second time, I had minions.  Truth and Mike showed up to help do some fabric wrangling.  The actual idea was to assemble the whole shell that day.  However.. we had one back yard of fabric:
That's Truth looking all "I conquored this yard."  After laying out the fabric, and measuring it, we found we were given was something like 4' short of what we bought. It was also in two peices.  But hey, being off by 4% isn't going to ruin our day. And we got a big discount on it.

Since we had two pieces of fabric, we had to do some yurt-like math. 
The bottom right has the math we used to determine how to cut the roof panels.  We can thank mike and Truth for that because my idea was the one on the top right.  ... Both will work.  Mine would be faster.  But there's a problem with speed if you don't have enough material to handle the scraps.  And we didn't.

The plan there means we needed to cut 8x5" rectangles and then cut them diagonally.  

I was oncall that day.  So I didn't actaully get to do much work on this.  But Mike and Truth made very fast progress. Here's them cutting the wall length. 

It was a little windy, so after they cut out the 8x5 sheets, they moved inside.
In the end we cut out 10 triangles.  The math said we only needed 8... ish. 

After cutting out the parts, we went to figure out how to use my dad's sewing machine.  It's a sailmakers sewing machine.  It doesn't do much, but it does something most machines can't do.  Like punch through 8 layers of canvas without flinching.  

While I was working, Truth and Mike sorted out the machine.  But we ran out of time.  They came from across the state to help me with this.  (Yeah, we're a little crazy) so they had to go home at a sane hour.
But.. at the end of the day, we had a machine we could use.  All the material ready to be assembled.  And that nagging feeling that we wouldn't get it all done on time. 

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  1. I still prefer my tag of "here comes the yurt" to the tune of "here comes the bride"