Sunday, May 22, 2011

Build night number one

The first night of building a yurt, isn't acutally building anything.  It's prepping materials.  In this case it means ripping seven 8' 2x4's into 1/4" thick slats.  Or at least that was my goal.  The slats acutally ended up between 1/8 and 1/4" thick.  Most of them were in the 3/16" thick range. 

This worried me at first.  .... And then I realized that even with 1/8" thick slats I will still have  8" of wood holding up my roof. 

Delta is my god.  230volts and 13 amps worth of table saw makes quick work of ripping lumber.  And old work friend of mine helped me with this part.  He was essential.  Running 8' long boards through a saw isn't exactly a safe activity if you're doing it solo. 

The room we were doing the ripping job in was only 15' across.  You'll notice the table is at an angle.  That's how we managed to get enough room to run the boards through. 
That's roughly 70 slats.  A few have ends that I can't use.  It took us about two hours to take care of this particular task.   I did this job at a place called PumpingStation: One.  They're a hacker space, and I'm proud to be a member. 

Driving a Mazda 6 with 8' long bits of lumber in it is not exciting. 

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