Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting up walls

Later on thursday, the work crew that's working on the kitchen showed up.  I had to move my wall.  Here's where I was then...  

I didn't want to stop, but I had run out of space to work on that in the garage, so I took it outdoors.  I figured it was long enough to stand on it's own.  And due to a miscalculation in screw orders I found out I needed to remove some 60 screws.... 
Ooh, it stands on it's own.  When the wall is standing on it's own, it's so much easier to work on.  So long as it stands.  The wind can make that a little sketchy...  I was really proud of this moment.  It finally felt like a structure.
 You can't imagine the looks I got from people driving by.  I love doing "WTF" projects in public. 

Sometime around 7:30pm I decided the wall was done enough, that I could consider building roof slats, and a door frame.  But before that, I wanted to play with my yurt a bit.  I called upon the assistance of my mom... who's only seen these on tv. 
She's 5'6".  Feel free to use her as a yard stick.  This isn't the smallest the yurt will roll, it's just the smallest I dared when I did that.  I rolled it up so I could carry it into the yard.

And that's where we stand with this project.  It looks pretty good to me.  Once it's setup like that, it's quite stable.  I have two more slats to make, or trim, so the walls will be complete.

I need to make a door frame.  I bought eye-bolts so I could permanently affix the middle tension strap to the walls.  I will be stapling a nylon tension strap along the bottom of the wall.  And then the roof/top of roof strap is going to be 3/16" steel cable. 

After that, comes the roof.  Technically I may be making the roof slats before finishing the walls.  I need to make those down at pumpingstation.  ... and I may as well make the door frame there too.  They have better wood working tools than I do.  I'll bet I can do all of that in a couple hours.

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