Friday, May 27, 2011

Walls and doors.

Well technically, a door.  The wall was shortened too.

Two posts previous I mentioned a mathmatical error.  This means I had to shorten the walls.  The yurt is now exactly 12' diameter, instead of 11.5'.  And it's 27 bays around.  Two bays are taken up by the door.

The door is very simple, just a square frame made of the same material as the rafters.  I will be adding corner blocks to make it a little more rigid.  But that's it.

I was very proud of this moment.  For two things.  First, the walls were done.  Second, I set it up all on my own.  It wasn't very quick... but it was all me.

Next up, is making the top tension cable, and the roof ring.  

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