Friday, May 27, 2011

No tablesaw, No problem.

In the interest of getting things done quickly I decided to rig up a saw so I could rip boards at home. 

Sometime, long in the past, my mother bought a circular saw.  It's been in the box for 10 years.  At least.  when I pulled it out, the sled was rusty, but the blade still had wax on the blade tips!  This new "old" saw, and my workmate came together to make a table saw.
So, in the interest of safety, I used a power strip as a remote on/off switch.  The 1"square tubing made for a really nice rip fence. 

Remember my warning about dust?  I did something about it.  I bought a $40 dust mask.  Combine that with a hat, and a $9 JT flex 7 clone...
Instant safety!  I wouldn't use those goggles on the paintball field.  But they're just fine for dust and shop type flingables protection.

I made 15 - 1.5"x1" wide boards.  Most of them were 7' and a three were 8'.  The 8' ones are destined to be a doorframe. 

Next post, is a door, and trimming the walls to the proper size.  

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