Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yurt Planning and Decisions.

We will get to the why later.  But, on short notice (roughly two months) I was tasked with building a yurt.  Mostly by myself. And I needed room to sleep 4.  Comfortably.  The usual rule with tents, is you halve the number of people you can physically fit in the space to define what is comfortable. 

I've looked at yurts before, and am familiar with them.  I think they are really neat tents.  They are like primative dome tents.   The tent had to look period.  That meant we weren't going to be able to use really modern materials everywhere.  In the end we decided on canvas outside, tyvek inside, and polyethylene and carpets for flooring.  This should mean the tent will be waterproof like a modern tent, tough like it's Mongolian ancestors, and it will look right.

The yurt is going to be 12' in diameter.  The walls will be 5' tall, and the roof will have a peak 2' taller than that.  A 12' yurt will only really sleep six.  But we will have cots, so gear storage can happen under the cots. 

Oh boy, starting a blog with a text only post.... :-)  next time.. DNA.

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