Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yurt DNA - What's a yurt made of.

Well, what makes a yurt?

Usually a yurt is made up of sticks, which are lashed together using leather thongs, wrapped in felt, and canvas.  The floors are usually just covered with carpets.  

Mine.. well isn't like that.  It's going to be made of cheap 2x4's, ripped down to 1/4" thick slats.  Roof rafters will be done much the same way, but ripped to 3/4" wide boards. 

We'll get more into that nitty gritty as I show you how it's built.

Instead of using leather thongs to hold the slats together, I am bolting mine.  Because I'm a nutjob, I am going to bolt the slats at every joint.  The advantage to this is it will spread stress.  The disadvantage is that this will make the frame less flexible.   I expect this choice may come back to haunt me.

What else is a yurt made of?  Canvas.
Thirty yards of 5' wide 22oz canvas. 

And a whole lot of screws.  I got smart, and I threw the fasteners in a organizer box so I could easily access them.  On previous projects, I did something stupid and was working from the manufacturers packaging.  This may have been one of my smarter moves on this whole project. 

There's also tyvek, and some steel which haven't been purchased yet.  Steel box section for the roof ring, and for the tension bands. 

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