Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yurt links, kinks, and opinoins.

So, I thought I might post some yurt informational links. 
I like these guys.  If their site is to be believed, they build quality, permanant, yurts.  They use the right materials, they have engineering drawings, and they have realistic expectations both for the use, and survival of their buildings. 

What I really like about them, is that I saw how they attach their rafters to their walls.  And it's exactly how I planned on doing mine.  Which I had never seen before.  I'm glad to have my choice vindicated.
Wikipedias yurt entry.  It's a good introduction.  It doesn't go much into the construction, but it shows the different kinds.  I didn't even know that curved rafter yurts existed.  Thankfully I knew I was going for a mongolian style yurt anyway, so I'm not disappointed in my rafter choice.
This is the best instructables on building a yurt.  I think I may need to write a competing article there.  As they didn't go into the math on how to build the "yurt you want" instead of "the yurt they built." 

I have read most of what's out there about yurts, and I haven't been exceedingly pleased.  Most yurts are made by super-eco-friendly people, or hippies.  That sort of person usually is far removed from any sort of engineering background, and is more of the guess and check type.  Which in the end, means you need to be the guess and check type.  For instance, the instructable says "almost 300" screws. 

That, is not, me.  I'm glad they built their dwellings, but the instructional, and websites that have sprung up around them are not all that useful.  I think one in seven of the sites addresses how the roof actually stays on.  And I only know of one that puts real consideration into how well the thing seals. 

Most also don't address how you keep the yurt from becoming airborne in heavy winds.  ....  I have a plan for that. 

Next time, we'll talk about math.  :-)  SocCahToa....

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